Shore Shot 360 Spinner Target Flag

Shore Shot 360 Spinner Target Flag

Item # 6470014 | Catalog Page # 407


Want your Target Flag to react to the wind quickly and rotate to show the direction the wind blows? Well the 360 Spinner does just that.

  • Designed to be used with World Archery sized target flags
  • Rotates a Full 360° to Catch The Wind
  • Made Out of Durable Weather Resistance Plastic
  • Internally Weighted to Stay On Top (Metal Core)
  • Wire Included for Attaching Flag
  • One size fits most proven to work on pole sizes ranging from Easton X10 size all the way up to Easton 27 size arrows. It spins in a full 360 on a variety of materials from arrows, to wooden dowels, and even fiberglass poles

           Notice: Flag Sold Separately