Shrewd 29mm Essential Target Scope (Colors)


Shrewd 29mm Essential Target Scope (Colors)

Item # 3990137


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• The scope of choice for Reo Wilde and Alex Wifler
• A spinoff of the Mini Mag Scope specifically designed for field and indoor shooters
• CNC machined 6061-T56 aluminum body with 29mm ID weighing less than half an ounce
• Includes one Razor pin machined from 10-18 steel for durability with a 0.012" throat for minimum target obstruction
• Four Razor pin locations
• Two 8-32 threaded holes for optional Integrated pin kit
• Textured interior cuts down on glare
• Comes with three colored levels (red, green, and blue)
• Includes three sticks of fiber (red, green, and blue)
• Two locations for an optional light addition
• A variety of optional sunshades can be threaded into the target side of the scope
• Allows for a lens to be run on the target side of the scope (lens sold separately)
• Made in the USA