Shrewd Optum Scope

Shrewd Optum Scope

Item # 3990156 | Catalog Page # 158


This is one of the most versatile compound target scopes on the market. Shrewd literally thought of everything an archer needs in building this scope.
• Reinventing the adjustability in the scope market
• This system allows shooters to vary their aiming reference within seconds
• Built-in light kit installation port with an angled 8-32 tapped hole for direct light to the lens
• Improved sunshade configurations and a fiber cover to allow for light adjustment
• Rotating pin position system and indicator allows for shooters to change positions within seconds
• 8 numbered pin positions enable easy repeatability among scopes
• Green, Red and Blue acrylic levels
• Blue, Orange and Green fiber
• 1-1/4" and 2" long 10-32 stainless steel rod