Shrewd Pivot Swivel QD with Target Wrist Sling


Shrewd Pivot Swivel QD with Target Wrist Sling

Item # 2870203 | Catalog Page # 293


The Pivot Swivel Quick Disconnect enables easy storage and removal of a front stabilizer. A quick twist of the front stabilizer allows archers to pivot the stabilizer up 90° and lock it in place. Once stowed, the stabilizer serves as an easy carry handle for your bow. Incorporated with the QD is an adjustable wrist sling built to last.

  • Integrated wrist sling and quick disconnect
  • Loosen the barrel nut to pivot your stabilizer up for convenient storage
  • Fit your bow in any case with this simple QD
  • Use the set screws along the side to adjust the sling length
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • CNC machined aluminum body


  • Pivot disconnect body
  • 19" braided wrist sling
  • Barrel nut
  • 5/16"-24 X 3/4" SHCS
  • 10-32 X 3/8" Set screw (x2)