Shrewd RevX Series Side Rod (8")

Shrewd RevX Series Side Rod (8")

Item # 3990190 | Catalog Page # 261


  • Designed to be a multi-discipline stabilizer that transcends what previously had been designed for the compound and recurve markets 
  • Utilizing Shrewds proprietary .630” diameter STS carbon the RevX series stabilizers bridge the gap between recurve and compound archers to create a stabilizer system that is just as capable of winning Olympic medals as it is dominating 3D podiums
  • STS carbon utilizes an internally tapered carbon composite that maximizes rigidity while minimizing overall stabilizer weight
  • Internal addition of the Truss Dampening System combines with the STS carbon to produce a stabilizer with unrivaled dampening ability
  • Length: 8" 
  • Weight: 4 oz 


  • Three 1-ounce tungsten weights | high-density weights for optimal stability 
  • Four 1/3-ounce aluminum weights 
  • One slide-over HiLo-S damper | externally adjustable passive vibration damper