Spider Vanes 1.5" Recurve Vanes

Spider Vanes 1.5" Recurve Vanes

Item # 1240033 | Catalog Page # 127
Pack 60-pack


Used by Brady Ellison in Lima Peru to shoot a World Record 702 / 720 in August 2019. They're a higher profile vane, softer and lighter, giving you a flatter trajectory and less chance of being affected by wind. The Ultra-White color is made of the 702 series material that is ultra-soft and lightweight. The other colors are made of spider vanes standard high-quality vane material.


  • Designed to be a forgiving, accurate, and durable vane
  • Lightweight material produces faster speeds and a flatter trajectory
  • Works best with small diameter arrows
  • Length: 1-1/2"
  • Ultra-White color is made of ultra-soft lightweight 702 series
  • Other colors are standard Spider Vane material
  • Includes: double-sided adhesive and wrapping tape
  • 702 Series Weight (Ultra-White): 0.8 grains
  • Standard Weight: 1.4 grains
  • Dexterity: LH and RH
  • Quantity: 60-pack