Tink's Hunt Success Synthetic Deer Lure Combo Kit


Tink's Hunt Success Synthetic Deer Lure Combo Kit

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Tink's Hunt Success Synthetic combo is the convenient and easy to use the natural lure all season kit with our top 3 scents (#69 Doe-In-Rut, #1 Doe-P and Trophy Buck). Simple and educational for the consumer to use and increases odds for success.



  • Natural Lure: Three 1oz bottles of our most popular and effective scents with educational information on when and how to use correctly out in the field
  • Tink’s #1 Doe-P: Use as an all-season lure for calming and curiosity. Simulates a doe in the area attracting both bucks and does
  • Tink’s Trophy Buck: Use during early season and throughout the rut for territorial challenge.
    Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut: The original formula is America’s #1 Buck Lure. Use during pre-rut and rut for ultimate buck attraction