Total Peep Quick Bow Holder

Total Peep Quick Bow Holder

Item # 6840009 | Catalog Page # 376


  • Designed to be attached to your belt or bino harness and hold your bow during stalking, reducing weight on your arm and allowing you to retrieve your bow quickly when you need it in action
  • It is available in two sizes: Standard and XL
  • The XL size is recommended to attach it to the belt and avoid the belt of the backpack, leaving it free to hang the bow without impediments
  • The standard size can be used both on the belt without a backpack and on the bino harness strap
  • Construction: super light and ultra-resistant polyamide

           Assembly :

  • Pass the provided rope through the connector and tie it to the bow in the position you want according to the desired height
  • Attach the bracket to the holder to the belt or bino harness
  • To hang the bow simply insert the head of the connector down into the housing of the holder. Raise the bow up to release it from the holder