TradTech Premium 3 Bundle Flemish Recurve/Longbow Bowstring

TradTech Premium 3 Bundle Flemish Recurve/Longbow Bowstring

Item # 3980013 | Catalog Page # 301

AMO Lengths

All String Length options are sold as AMO lengths. As such if you have a 68" bow, please select the 68" length option. AMO lengths are between 2.75"-4" shorter than the listed length to accommodate proper brace height. Want to learn more? How to choose the right Recurve/longbow string.


• The finest quality flemish string available
• Made from BCY X material for low creep, high speed, high abrasion resistance
• .019" Halo center serving
• 21 strands
• Silencers installed for a dead quiet shot

PLEASE NOTE: Recurve bowstring lengths are listed as AMO length - the actual length is approx. 3-4" inches shorter than the marked length. Please order a string by the AMO length of the bow.

The AMO length of the recurve or longbow is printed on either the limb or the side of the grip depending on the bow manufacturer.

Please call 800-829-7408 if you are unsure which length bowstring to order.