VPA 2 Blade Single Bevel Broadheads (3pk)

VPA 2 Blade Single Bevel Broadheads (3pk)

Item # 1035089 | Catalog Page # 566


The VPA 2 Blade Single Bevel line of broadheads have ideal blade thickness, extensive single bevels (35 degree blade angles), and edges that can achieve a razor-sharp edge perfect for any style of hunt. Based on the recommendations of the Ashby Foundation, their straight angular shape has an edge over curved heads as well as provides an easy long term maintenance for the product with regards to sharpening and honing the product. 


  • Type: Fixed-blade 
  • Number of blades: 2 
  • Cut diameter: 1-1/8” 
  • Bevel: Single 
  • Blade thickness: .045”-.085” 
  • Construction: Premium Grade Tool Steel
  • Weights: 125gr, 150gr, 175gr, 200gr, 250gr, 300gr 
  • Quantity sold: 3 Pack