X Sight 2RX AR1 Shooting Glasses (2 Lens Set)


X Sight 2RX AR1 Shooting Glasses (2 Lens Set)

Item # 1031994 | Catalog Page # 343
Pack 2-pack


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This great introductory lens set by X-Sight is perfect for any archer who spends a lot of time shooting outside. The kit comes with two lenses, the Ultra Blue being great for bright sunny days, while the Light Brown lens is made for overcast or partly sunny days, to reduce eye fatigue for long shooting sessions or competitions. The lenses are impact-resistant and offer 100% UV Protection, keeping you safer all around.

  • Wrap-Around Design to offer Maximum Peripheral Cover
  • Class 1 Optical Clarity Lenses
  • Frame Construction: TR90
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Impact-resistant (Complies with EN166F European standards for safety eye-wear)
  • Quick Change Magnetic Lens Swap System
  • Built-in brow bar ventilation to increase airflow & prevent lens smudging

  • 1 Zip-up Hard Case
  • 1 Pair of Arms
  • 2 Lenses
  • 2 Comfort+ Nose Pads
  • Drawstring Lens Bag
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • Anti Fog Cloth
  • Stickers

Ultra Blue Lens:

Conditions: Outdoors, medium to bright light
Color Notes: Sky Blue/Cyan/Rich/Intense
High Contrast Boost, especially dark colors like Reds and Blacks
Best used in conjunction with fluorescent green/yellow sight accessories such as pins, scope rings, spirit levels, and strings.

Light Brown Lens:

Conditions: Outdoors, overcast, medium light
Color Notes: Brown/Copper/Bronze/Light Brown
Low Contrast Boost
Great for extended shooting sessions outside in overcast and sunny conditions Warm brown tones relax eyes, ease glare and minimize eye fatigue
Gives a slight contrast boost to all target colors