X-Sight 2RX Shooting Glasses (Outdoor Set with 5 Lenses)


X-Sight 2RX Shooting Glasses (Outdoor Set with 5 Lenses)

Item # 3290012


Sorry, this product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.


The ‘Outdoor' archery glasses set offers a specific lens selection to optimise a variety of outdoor weather and lighting conditions and boost full colour WA target color contrast.

           Lens Colors

  • HD Brown - for very bright light, heightened depth perception, high definition, and increased visibility
  • Dark Crimson - for medium to bright light
  • Deep Purple - for medium light
  • Vivid Green - high contrast, color boosting WA target lenses
  • XTRM Yellow - for low light & evening shooting


  • Large wrap around lenses designed to offer maximum peripheral cover with no obstructions
  • Class 1 optical clarity providing crystal clear vision
  • Interlocking magnetic lens swap mechanism for quick & easy lens changing
  • Adjustable arms - move up and down to alter the lens angle for a custom fit and increased stability
  • Built in ventilation brow bar to increase air flow & prevent lens smudging
  • Optional silicone nose pads for additional comfort and stability
  • TR90 frame - light, flexible & durable
  • Effectively blocks between 99.5-100% of all UVA/UVB ultraviolet radiation across the lens range
  • Impact resistant
  • Zip up hard case to protect and transport lenses with inner mesh pocket for accessories
  • Additional RX prescription insert can be fixed and transferred between lenses (sold separately)


  • 5 Lens Zip Up Hard Case
  • 1 Pair of Arms
  • 5 X Nose Pads
  • Drawstring Lens Bag
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • Anti Fog Spray
  • Iron On Patch
  • Sticker