XSWings Vanes by Sitar & Sitar

XSWings Vanes by Sitar & Sitar

Item # 9320003 | Catalog Page # 130
Pack 50-pack


  • A new pro level vane designed by Sitar & Sitar in fantastic bright colors
  • Unrivaled accuracy and durability
  • Used by Brady Ellison, Mario Cardoso Lopez, Natali Avdeeva and Toja Cerne
  • Includes double sided tape and wrapping tape
  • Quantity: 50-pack
  • Dexterity: LH and RH
  • Available in medium hardness only

  • 50mm
    Low Profile (weighs: 1.4 gr) - best used with draw weight ranges from 35-50 lbs., can also be used on compounds under 50 lbs.
    High Profile (weighs: 1.6 gr) - designed for compound and recurve archers with draw weights between 45-60 lbs
  • 60mm
    Low Profile (weighs: 1.8 gr) - best used for recurve bows under 45 lbs. to provide stable, consistent accuracy
    High Profile (weighs: 2.0 gr) - best used for recurve bows over 50 lbs. to achieve greater forgiveness