Zenith Bitzenburger Upgrade Kit

Zenith Bitzenburger Upgrade Kit

Item # 7310037 | Catalog Page # 137


Here's an upgrade kit for your Bitzenburger jig that will allow you to fletch skinny and fat arrows with perfection.

• Bitzenburger upgrade kit introduced a nock receiver built for specific inside diameter shafts for the most consistent vane-to-vane application
• The replacement body will fit directly into your jig and will still adjust for all three different fletching patterns
• Upgraded receiver comes with two inserts which are held into the body by a long screw which is tightened through the rear of the receiver
• One insert is sized to fit snuggly into any arrow which uses a G nock
• The second insert does arrows which use pin nocks, holding the pin by the hole in the insert. It also does arrows which use Super nocks (.246 carbon, Super Uni-bushings, etc.)
• If the pin holder becomes too loose, just gently squeeze the segments together with a small plier until it holds the pin tightly again
• This kit DOES NOT include a sleeve for X or H nocks
• An adjustable upper support plate is mounted using the template and hardware included with the kit
• Once the arrow is mounted in the jig, the plate is adjusted to support the upper end of the shaft