Published July 29, 2017 in PodcastsBy P.J. Reilly

Podcast: Jesse Broadwater, 2017 OPA Champion

Podcast: Jesse Broadwater, 2017 OPA Champion
In the world of professional, competitive compound archery, Jesse Broadwater is Mr. Consistency. He always seems to be at or near the top of the leader board.broadwater3After shooting for Hoyt Archery for many years, Broadwater in 2017 switched to shooting for Mathews Inc. - a move that surprised many in the archery community. Eager to prove that he could win with a Mathews bow in his hand, Broadwater was victorious at a World Cup indoor competition in Las Vegas in February, but then struggled to ascend the podium at tournaments over the following five months.That set the stage for the 2017 Organization of Professional Archery (OPA) tournament in late July. Broadwater finished second there in 2016, narrowly losing in a thrilling shoot-off to Chance Beaubouef.In this podcast, we talk to Broadwater the day before he won the 2017 OPA tournament. He talks about the technical issues he wrestled with in switching from Hoyt to Mathews bows, his drive to win with his new bow and the pain he felt after finishing second at the 2016 OPA.In this podcast, you will learn:
  • How a Mathews bow feels different to Broadwater than a Hoyt.
  • What his favorite archery game is, and why he likes it.
  • How he approaches social media so his messages don't seem forced on his fans.
  • How he develops a strategy for a two-day competition like OPA to put himself in a position to win.
  • What he thinks of the state of professional archery today, and how fast he sees prize money rising.
“Us as shooters, we know we have to be 100% confident. We know what we need to train for. We know what we need to be shooting. We know what kind of money is out there."