Published March 14, 2024 in PodcastsBy Tre Engle

PODCAST: Mathews Pro Tim Gillingham

PODCAST: Mathews Pro Tim Gillingham

“I don’t want to win because no one showed up. I want to win because I beat everybody.”

- Tim Gillingham

On this edition of the Competition Archery Media Podcast, P.J. sits down to experience pure, unrestrained Tim Gillingham. 

They begin by going over his "disrespectful" break with Bowtech, the necessity of Pro marketing, and the inability to quantify that return between target and hunting sales.

Tim also walks P.J. through him choosing Mathews, his new/old relationship with the individuals at the company, and the excellent shootability of his new Mathews bows.

You also get to experience Tim's unbridled opinions and emotions in regards to multiple topics: known vs unknown shooting, the future of the sport, indoor archery, how no setup works for everyone, and African hunting. 

“Indoor isn’t really archery, it’s just more of a mental game. Its so easy its hard.”

“I went there to spot and stalk; I don’t want to just sit next to a watering hole.”

“In indoor you’re not trying to win; you’re trying not to lose.”

“You don’t want to candy-coat it, money talks. Period.”

- Tim Gillingham


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