Published June 15, 2017 in PodcastsBy P.J. Reilly

Podcast: Paul Jaeger of Jager Archery Products

Podcast: Paul Jaeger of Jager Archery Products
Paul Jaeger is your typical builder. He's always looking to modify the things he owns to make them function the way he wants them to.So it probably surprised no one who knows him that he eventually turned his creative focus onto the grips on his bows. He says of the first bow he ever owned, "I loved the bow, but I hated the grip."A plastic model builder by trade, Jaeger chucked the grip on that compound bow in 1985, fashioned his own slimmer grip and went to The Vegas Shoot to compete. The custom grip caught the eyes of several other compound archers, and Jaeger sold it before leaving for home.That early experience led to the foundation of Jager Archery Products in 2005. Jager - yes the company name is spelled different than the founder's name - makes high end custom bow grips for both compound and recurve archers."A bow is a machine," Jaeger said. "It's meant to do one thing the exact same way, over and over. We are the organic part of it. How we interface with the bow determines performance."Jaeger has agreed to sell some of his custom grips through Lancaster Archery Supply. We caught up with him in our warehouse as he was making three-dimensional maps of certain risers, in order to build custom grips for them.In this podcast, you will learn:
  • Which top-level archers Jager has built grips for.
  • The style of grip preferred by USA Archery for Olympic archers.
  • How Jager builds custom grips to meet the exact specifications of its customers.
  • The importance a grip plays in shooting a bow.
  • How technology is helping archers become more accurate, even as bow designs remain relatively unchanged.
“Archery is the poor man’s NASCAR. It’s taking a machine and getting it to do what you want, but you’re not spending millions of dollars to do it.”Be sure to subscribe to the LAS podcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.Click here to check out the Jager Archery Products carried at Lancaster Archery Supply.Follow us on:FacebookInstagramTwitter