Published January 24, 2022 in Product InfoBy Sara Sherman

3 Reasons to Buy SITKA Gear in 2022

A hunter wearing SITKA Gear Elevation II camo, picked up a deer shed.



As you are planning your hunts for the upcoming seasons, there are several things to think about. What equipment will you bring? What stand will you hunt from? What seasons would you like to hunt? What camo will you wear? The latter of these questions might seem not as important as the others, because any camo that breaks up your body is fine for hunting, right? Wrong. Not according to SITKA Gear. SITKA Gear is now one of the most popular camo and hunting gear companies in the game and you’re probably wondering what sets them apart from all the other companies. In this article, we will discuss why SITKA Gear is essential for your next hunt.

#1 SITKA Gear Camo Technology

Josh Grine wearing SITKA Gear Elevation II Camo is concealed by his clothes along with the colors of the woods and shade of the trees.

When you think about camo, you probably picture jackets and bibs covered with bark, branches, and leaves. SITKA says this type of camo is not effective, because it only visually camouflages us based on our sight not based on the sight of the animals we are hunting. Instead, SITKA built its camo technology around what our prey sees. They achieved this through their micropattern and coloring. SITKA says this micro pattern helps break up the outline of a hunter. It breaks down their 3D shape so small movements go undetected, and it matches the colors of your hunting environment, so if hunters are even slightly detected, they’re very hard to make out.

#2 SITKA Gear Camo Designs

There are two different camo styles that we offer on our website- Optifade Subalpine and Optifade Elevated II.

The SITKA Gear Jetstream Vest featuring the tan, black, green, and dark brown Subalpine Camo.

 The Optifade Subalpine is designed for hunters who want to stalk or ambush game from the ground and who are concealed by vegetation on the ground or from the trees above. This camo is also for hunters going after big game rather than white-tailed deer and it is best for hunters going after game 50 yards or closer.

A pocket on a pair of SITKA Gear bibs with the white, light brown, dark brown, and black pattern of the Elevated II Camo.

The Optiface Elevated II is made for hunters chasing white-tailed deer, and more specifically, those hunting from elevated positions. SITKA mentions that this camo has the contrasting whites and dark browns to adjust for bright skies and dark foliage. Elevated II is designed for hunters who are going after game 80 yards or closer or in an elevated position at around 15 feet.  


The color options for the SITKA Gear Jetstream Jacket on the Lancaster Archery Supply website.

SITKA also has solid colors options for some of their gear which are Black, Mud (dark brown), Covert (an olive green), Coyote (light brown), Eclipse (a faded navy), Red River, and Blaze Orange. These solid colors can be used for everyday use, as an insulation layer, or as a core part of your outer gear.

#3 SITKA Gear Product Line and Layers

The product line that you choose will determine what kind of game you are hunting, where you will be hunting/how you will be hunting, and what type of elements you will expect on your hunt.

SITKA Gear Fanatic Series

The Fanatic series features clothing designed for colder conditions- especially when hunting white-tailed deer. The outer layers have SITKA’s Berber fleece for silent moving in a tree stand, and SITKA’s soft Windstopper Technology. They also have SITKA’s insulation system that traps body heat for warmth in cold conditions. The Fanatic series comes in Optifade Elevated II camo.

The Fanatic Series has everything you need for a successful hunt. The Fanatic Hoodie is perfect either as an insulating layer or as an outer layer on warmer days. The Fanatic Vest is great to wear over the Hoodie and either as an insulating layer or outer layer. The Fanatic Bib is a good outer layer for colder winter hunts. Finish out your main suit with the extremely warm Fanatic Jacket. The Fanatic series also includes a Fanatic Beanie with the soft Windstopper Technology and the Fanatic Glove which has index-finger and thumb cut-outs for use of an index or thumb button release.

SITKA Gear Aerolite Series

The SITKA Gear Aerolite Bib showing a hunter placing his phone in an inner pocket.

Aerolite gear is designed mainly as outer layers for hunters expecting rainy or wet conditions. This gear is waterproof insulated, and lightweight.

The SITKA Gear Aerolite Jacket in the brown, green, and black Subalpine camo.

The SITKA Incinerator Aerolite Jacket and Incinerator Aerolite Bib are both designed for whitetail hunters expecting to hunt on rainy days. They come in Elevated II camo. The SITKA Kelvin Aerolite Jacket is featured in Subalpine camo, so this jacket is better suited as an outer or inner layer for a backcountry hunter. This jacket is also featured in SITKA Black, Coyote, and Deepwater solid colors. The Kelvin Aerolite Vest can also be used as a waterproof inner or outer layer. This vest comes in SITKA Black, River Red, or Shadow.

SITKA Gear Apex Series

The SITKA Gear Apex Hoody in the brown, green, and black Subalpine Camo.

The Apex Series is designed for hunters looking to stalk or ground hunt, since it features the Subalpine camo. The Apex Hoody and the Apex Pant are both made to keep hunters warm during cooler conditions, but not necessarily freezing cold conditions. They are also lightweight for easy movement while trekking across the backcountry. The clothing from this line could be used as outer layers or as inner layers to other SITKA clothing for colder days. On slightly colder days, hunters could add a vest to the Hoody for just a little extra warmth.

SITKA Gear Stratus Series

The SITKA Stratus line is perfect for hunting during the mid-season or for use as an under layer for insulation. Stratus clothing has a warm Micro-Fleece that is windproof and quiet. The gear within the Stratus series are the SITKA Gear Stratus Jacket, the Stratus Vest, the Stratus Bib, and the Stratus Beanie. These all come in Elevated II camo, so they are perfect for whitetail hunters in tree stands. The Stratus Jacket and Vest also come in Blaze Orange.

SITKA Gear Jetstream Series

The SITKA Gear Jetstream Jacket with the tan, brown, green, and black Subalpine Camo.

The Jetstream series is made for the backcountry hunter heading to the mountains. The Jetstream Jacket and Jetstream Vest are both windproof and quiet. The seam lines on the Jacket are strategically placed to shed water, keeping you dry on your hunt. The Jetstream Vest can be used as either an outer layer or an inner layer, depending on the weather and the hunter’s preference. The Vest comes in Black, Mud, Covert, and Eclipse solid colors and the Jacket comes in Black, Lead, Tidal, and Dirt solid colors. To have the most successful hunt possible, it’s key to have your equipment working for you, rather than against you. With SITKA Gear, you will be covered, protected, and nearly invisible to the game that you are hunting.