Published January 11, 2022 in Product InfoBy Sara Sherman

What's New at the 2022 ATA Show?

PJ Reilly demonstrates the new VIP glueless insert at the 2022 Archery Trade Association Trade Show.

The 2022 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Trade Show was held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky from January 7-9 and was the place to be to see what’s new in the archery industry! According to the ATA, there were 8,557 total attendees, 3,104 buyers, and 591 exhibits at this year’s Trade Show. A lot of exciting products were showcased and Lancaster Archery Supply was there to cover them!


VIP Archery Glueless Insert

A cool product that was featured on our livestream this past weekend was a glueless insert from VIP Archery. It works by screwing your broadhead into the insert which will then cause the insert to expand in the arrow shaft, eliminating the need for glue. To learn more about this product, check out our livestream at:


STAN OnneX Hinge Release

Another interesting product that was showcased on our livestream was the new STAN OnneX Hinge Release. The difference with the hinge release is that the thumb peg is now a Draw Control peg. As long as your thumb is on the peg, the release will not fire. This release has been manufactured to have the same handle as their OnneX Thumb Button release and their OnneX Resistance release. To learn more about this release, check out our livestream here:


Deception Scents

This was one of PJ’s favorite products at the ATA Show from Deception Scents. These products are made so that once they are mixed with water and sprayed or left to evaporate into the atmosphere, they will kill all of the bacteria. This means that they will get rid of scents on your clothes, in your vehicle, etc. To find out more about this product, check out our livestream here:


2022 ATA Awards

Rob Kaufhold is being presented with the 2022 ATA Impact Award.

Finally, a couple of big awards were handed out at the ATA Trade Show. The first of these awards was the 2022 ATA Impact Award which was presented to Rob Kaufhold. According to the ATA, the Impact Award program was created “to recognize those who use their voice or platform to inspire others to participate in archery and bowhunting.” Congratulations!

Rob Kaufhold, Carole Kaufhold, and Steve Yoder are presented with the T.R.U. Ball/ AXCEL Archery's #1 Domestic Distributor 2020 and 2021 awards.

The next award was presented to Lancaster Archery Supply for being T.R.U. Ball/ AXCEL Archery’s #1 Domestic Distributor for 2021. Lancaster Archery Supply also received the award for being T.R.U. Ball/ AXCEL Archery’s #1 Domestic Distributor for the year 2020 at this ATA Trade Show. 

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