ACU Archery Lok Elite Bow Safety Lock (Black)

ACU Archery Lok Elite Bow Safety Lock (Black)

Item # 1032259 | Catalog Page # 336


People tend not to think of bows needing to be locked up in the same way that a firearm should be when it’s left unattended. However, if you have small children or might be leaving a bow hanging around people unfamiliar with archery you run the risk of them pulling the bow back and injuring themselves, others, or your equipment. Now you can keep them and your bow safe with the Lok Elite by ACU. This all-aluminum locking system locks your strings in place, preventing them from being drawn or dry-fired. Not only is this great for home use, but this is also perfect when traveling with your bow through TSA, or in states where you need to secure your bow until you’re ready to hunt. This really is a must-have system for any archer that doesn’t want to store their bow in a locked case any time it’s left unattended.

  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Laser Engraved
  • Teflon Anodizing
  • Foam Protection for Cams
  • Key Operated Lock
  • 2 Keys Included
  • Great for Child Protection
  • TSA Approved
  • Made in the USA