Ani-Logics Crush Forage Collards 1lb Bag


Ani-Logics Crush Forage Collards 1lb Bag

Item # 1031520 | Catalog Page # 501


  • Forage Collards are the king of premium brassicas for food plots Forage trials at Lee and Tiffany’s personal farm led to the creation of this unique variety that can attract better than any other late-season food plot
  • The cold temperature tolerance and low growth point of this variety of forage collards make it the ideal food plot seed
  • It can withstand heavy grazing pressure and still yield amazing top growth
  • This variety of forage collards is easily established, which makes it perfect for kill plots
  • The exceptionally high protein content of this variety offers great attraction and palatability making this an irresistible sweet treat for whitetails
  • Blend Contents: Ani-Crush™ Forage Collards Plant in: Fall Annual For best results, plant when forecast calls for rain within 10 days of planting
  • Coverage: 1/6 acre
  • Weight: 1lb