Astra Archery Shot Trainer Training Aid

Astra Archery Shot Trainer Training Aid

Item # 7060002 | Catalog Page # 344


No time to get to the range to practice? No worries. The Astra Archery Shot Trainer Training Aid allows you to practice shooting anywhere, anytime. The main feature of the device, which attaches to your drawing arm, is a rope that catches the string when you release it, so that the string can't fly all the way forward.

• Developed with the help of US Olympic Archery Team members
• Learn how to shoot a strong shot without collapsing on the release
• Fully adjustable to fit almost any body type or size
• Comfortably wraps around the drawing arm in Olefin fabric made by Swiftwick
• Durable parachute cord connects the shot trainer to the bow string, providing a secure, non-destructive attachment
• 100% made in the USA
• Size 1 (fits most), Size 2 (greater than 12" bicep)