Axcel AccuView AV-25 Plus Scope w/ .019" Fire Pin

Axcel AccuView AV-25 Plus Scope w/ .019" Fire Pin

Item # 4530307 | Catalog Page # 164



25mm scope housing with level
Torque Indicator Ring on the front side of the scope pairs with the interior partially-     engraved ring for perfect alignment to your peep
Includes a rheostat cover to eliminate the starburst effect from pins that are too bright by blocking out extreme sunlight, while allowing the pin brightness to vary at different degrees depending on the archer's specific lighting situation
Crosshair insert is also included to aid in aiming during low lighting situations
Features Co-Planar Centering Technology with an engraved partial ring at the same depth as the sight pins, designed for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off-center
Easily interchangeable between right hand to left hand and comes assembled with a "T" Connection to the sight
The "T" Connection, made specifically for use with AXCEL Tournament sights, features 2 points of connection that provides a stronger and easier-to-level connection
#10-32 stainless steel rod is also included for use with sights, not of the AXCEL brand
Includes Lens Frame, Retainer and two black spacers
Accepts 29mm lenses


  • Scope Housing Size/Diameter: 25 mm
  • Lens Size/Diameter: 29 mm Lens
  • Dexterity: LH and RH
  • Rheostat: Yes
  • Pin Size: .010", .019"
  • Pin Color: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue
  • 10-32 Rod: Yes
  • Magnification: Lens not included


  • Lens Frame, Retainer and two black Spacers