Beiter Klicker (Black Blade)

Beiter Klicker (Black Blade)

Item # 1370024 | Catalog Page # 228


The Beiter Klicker (Black Blade) is one of the most-used clickers on the market. It's simple to install, easy to use and it delivers a crisp click with each draw of the bow. The black blade clicker is meant to be used as is. That is, you don't want to bend the blade to increase the tension on the arrow. Various sizes are available to meet different manufacturers' risers.

• Designed to fit most recurve handles
• German engineered and manufactured
• Available in .025" blade thickness
• Available models:
6-32A (fits most Hoyt, PSE, W&W, Samick & Spigarelli)
6-32Z (PSE Zone, Intrepid)
6-32 (PSE Centra, Universal)
4-40 (Hoyt GM/TD4, Elan, Sky Conquest)
4-40R (Hoyt Radian, Avalon, Bernardini & Spigarelli)
M4 (Yamaha, some Samick)