Bowfinger 1 Compound Target Sight V2


Bowfinger 1 Compound Target Sight V2

Item # 1037623


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  • The sight comes with a full set of metal sight tapes, 30 scales on 15 tapes; One Blank and One pitch scale 
  • Even / Odd sight scales – Sight scales have even and odd numbers to help eliminate setting your sight on the wrong number. Example yard marks: 20-25-30-35-40-45-50 and so on
  • Angled sight tape - Allows you to  see the sight tape without turning your bow completely sideways, even at full draw
  • Riser Bar Stop – Stops the riser bar in the exact location every time. Slide the riser bar in until it hits the stop and lock it down. No need to mark the bar to get it in the right notch.
  • Slide Locks – 1 Sight has slide locks on the elevation and windage slides that are far more superior than knob locks. Knob locks only lock the thread and make it possible for the slide to still move.
  • Double Click – Windage and elevation knobs have crisp double ball clicks for definite feedback
  • Pin lock barrel clamp –Allows easy scope removal and reinstalling back to the same location for extra easy travel 
  • Scope barrel uses 5/16 square for scope and includes scope mounting screw 
  • Quick Slide – Quick slide for smooth, rapid sight adjustment
  • Alloy steel hardware - Stainless is just not strong enough.
  • All metal slides 


  • 10-24 pitch threads for .002” per click
  • 2nd & 3rd Axis Adjustment: Yes
  • Riser Bar Length: 6” 
  • Weight: 10.6 oz
  • Dexterity: RH and LH

Upgrades included in V2: 

  • Knurl on Bottom Knob
  • Smaller Windage Knob
  • Finer Threads on Windage .0015 per click
  • More Travel on Windage Now Has .350"
  • Longer Pin on Barrel Stop Clamp
  • Dove Tail on Windage Instead of Rails
  • Double Gibb on Windage and Elevation Slides
  • More Aggressive Grip on Riser Bracket Knob
  • Now has a Directional Arrow For Elevation Adjustments
  • Laser Etched Windage Adjustment Marks Visible From Top Side Of Sight


  • Hard Case
  • Bowfinger Drawstring Sight Bag
  • 15 Metal Sight Tapes = 30 scales
  • 1 Blank Metal Sight Tape
  • 1 Metal Pitch Scale Tape 10-24 x 20 clicks
  • Scope barrel with screw to mount scope
  • 2- 10-24 Screws for Mounting
  • Sticker and Instructions