Coops Bowsmith II Super Kit

Coops Bowsmith II Super Kit

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Coops Bowsmith Super Kit Includes:
  • Bowsmith pro
  • Paper tuner
  • Chronograph bracket
  • Spine tester
  • Bow hooks
  • D-loop tool
  • 2 levels and our book
  • Modern Archery book
Coop's Bowsmith Pro
  • Professional shooting and tuning machine
  • Do all your bow work, tuning, arrow tuning, sight set up (3rd axis) from one machine
  • Bow maintains perfect alignment after each shot
  • Capable of shooting an arrow in the same hole at 40 yds
  • Bow is held securely and rotates 360 degrees, set 3rd axis with ease and precision
  • Torque box adjusts for perfect torque-free shots
  • Dual safety for use while setting up and tuning
  • Draw board features a micro-adjustable turnbuckle and adjustable rule
  • Limb retainers allow string and cable adjustments as you shoot with no need to remove the bow
Coop's Bowsmith Spine Tester 
  • Take your arrow building to the next level with this advanced spine tester perfect for any archer or Pro Shop 
  • Index your arrows so the spine is on top of the shaft for better consistency and flight
  • Allows you to tune your arrows so each one flies the same
  • Uses spring tension over dead weight for more consistent and accurate readings
  • Makes for easier readings on your shaft
  • Allows you to tune your broadheads with built-in arrow spinner