Domain Comback Kid Food Plot Seed

Domain Comback Kid Food Plot Seed

Item # 1035203


Loaded with a mixture of cold season perennials and annuals, this protein-rich, tonnage producing clover mix is designed for year-round food production and attraction for deer and turkey. By combining special varieties of clover and alfalfa we have created a perennial mix that will establish quickly and last up to 5 years. Comeback Kid contains 4 special varieties of clover and 1 variety of alfalfa to create an absolute deer magnet providing forages with protein levels above 30%. When your clover plants begin to flower it signals their maturity, making it a great time to mow the plot down to 6-8”. Periodic mowing helps eliminate unwanted weeds and generates re-growth of the clover and alfalfa, keeping them strong and healthy. It’s during this growth stage that your comeback kid food plot will provide the highest level of nutrition and deer activity. Comeback Kid is designed to be the foundation of your food plot program, as it provides the backbone of deer nutrition with its high protein forages, will be the first to germinate in the spring, and is extremely cold tolerant into the dead of a northern winter…Comeback Kid can play an integral role in the health of your herd and the success of your food plot program.

  • Plant Varieties:  4 Varieties Of Clover - 1 Variety Of Alfalfa
  • Seed Type: Perennial
  • Location: Full Or Partial Sun, Logging Road, Backwoods PlotPh
  • Range: 6.0 – 7.0
  • Soil Type: Dark/Rich, Loam, Sand, Moist Soil
  • Tilling: Minimal Required, Plow, Disk, or Hand Rake
  • Fertilizer: 300 Lbs. 6-23-30 Per Acre
  • Seed Depth: 1/4” or Less
  • Seed Rate: 7.5 Lbs. / Acre
  • Sold in ½ acre jug

Planting Dates:

  • North: Mar-June / Aug-Sept
  • Central: Mar-May / Aug-Sept
  • South: Feb-Apr / Sept-Oct