Feather Vision Verde Plus Lens for Spot Hogg Sights


Feather Vision Verde Plus Lens for Spot Hogg Sights

Item # 2180034


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• Advanced plano-convex design combines superior Zeiss© supplied glass, the latest Zeiss© AR coating, and Zeiss© manufacturing technology to provide an exceptionally clear lens
• The advanced Zeiss© coating provides a 99.98% light transmission capability, providing a bright view of the target while minimizing reflection and glare
• The VerdePlus™ uses the most recent and advanced multi-layer Zeiss© Hydrophobic (water hating) and Oleophobic (oil hating) AR coating that repels fingerprints, dust, dirt, and water
• This advanced Zeiss© AR coating, along with a higher hardness rating, combine to provide enhanced durability and an exceptionally slick surface that is easy to clean
• Designed to fit the Spot Hogg small and large multi pin housings