G5 Montec CS Broadheads


G5 Montec CS Broadheads

Item # 2240047 | Catalog Page # 560
Pack 3-pack

Manufacturer Mail-in Rebate

G5 Montec Rebate Offer | July 15th - October 15th, 2024

Purchase one 3-Pack of G5 Montec CS Broadheads from July 15th through October 15th, 2024, and receive a FREE $10 rebate when submitting the redemption certificate. Limit two rebate submissions per customer. Mail-in rebates are subject to G5's rules and must be postmarked by 11/01/2024. See G5 Montec rebate offers for full details.


  • One piece MIM carbon steel construction
  • 100% steel tough
  • 100% spin tested
  • Cut on contact design
  • Diamond cut sharpness with an additional honing process to maximize blade edge
  • Easy to sharpen for multiple use
  • Weight: 100 gr.
  • Cut diameter: 1-1/16"
  • 3 broadheads per pack