Hodag Hempscent Rope System

Hodag Hempscent Rope System

Item # 1031694 | Catalog Page # 496


Hunters understand the value and power of scent when it comes to deer communication. Using the HODAG HempScent™ Rope System allows you to create an extremely effective deer communication hub exactly where you want it


  • Hang the HempScent™ Rope over a mock scrape, apply the AllSeason™ scent to create initial interaction
  • Jumpstart an extremely effective way to put deer in-front of your camera or stand
  • Bundle includes 6 feet of the highest quality 3/4 inch diameter hemp rope available
  • Cut the rope to the desired length for your specific setup
  • Attach a zip tie, piece of tape, or baylor twine 5 to 6 inches up the rope, leaving a stretch to unravel and fray at the bottom
  • Apply AllSeason Scent liberally to stimulate physical interaction, which begins the scent marking process
  • 6 ft. 3/4" diameter hemp rope
  • 8 oz. AllSeason Scent with Applicator cap