Lancaster Archery Bitzenburger Fletching Jig Pro Package


Lancaster Archery Bitzenburger Fletching Jig Pro Package

Item # 1036096


Transform your arrow-building game with the LAS Upgrade Kit for the Bitzenburger – the ultimate choice for any archer. Elevate your fletching experience by customizing your kit for maximum accuracy. 

Step 1: Select Your Jig Options 

Begin your journey to crafting flawless arrows by choosing the perfect jig configuration to suit your needs. 

Step 2: Enhance Your Vane Configurations

Take your arrow-building prowess to the next level by adding a second clamp, unlocking a world of vane customization possibilities. 

Step 3: Optimize Nock Performance

Experience arrow consistency like never before with the AAE Bitz Nock Receiver, which minimizes nock slide and ensures superior vane adhesion from nock to point. 

Step 4: Precision Vane Offset 

Bid farewell to guesswork with the DCA Vane Angle Tool, designed to effortlessly set your Bitzenburger Jig to your desired offset. 

Step 5: Work Fast and Mess-Free  

Maxi-Cure Cyanoacrylate Glue and Accelerator combo is your ticket to lightning-fast dry times, allowing you to work with speed and accuracy while keeping your workspace clean on top of a Custom Lancaster Archery Supply Work Bench Mat.


  • Bitzenburger Fletching Jig | your choice Straight, Left, or Right
  • Additional Bitzenburger Clamp   | your choice Straight, Left, or Right
  • AAE Bitz Nock Reciever 3 & 4 Fletch
  • DCA Vane Angle Tool
  • Maxi-Cure Glue and Accelerator 
  • Lancaster Archery Work Bench Mat | your choice Compound or Recurve 
  • LAS Sticker