Lancaster Archery Recurve Camp Package

Lancaster Archery Recurve Camp Package

Item # 1037961


Introducing the Lancaster Archery Recurve Camp Package – a comprehensive set designed to cater to archers of all levels.

Perfect for camps, schools, or group activities, this package ensures a memorable and enjoyable archery experience.

Package Includes:

  • 2-Galaxy Bullseye Bows 48": Compact and versatile, these 48" Galaxy Bullseye Bows are perfect for young archers. They offer a smooth draw for those with shorter draw lengths.
  • 2-Galaxy Bullseye Bows 54": With a 54" length these Galaxy Bullseye Bows will be optimal for many younger shooters and adolescents.
  • 4-Galaxy Bullseye Bows 62": The 62" Galaxy Bullseye Bows are a full-size option for archers of all skill levels. Durable and well-crafted, they deliver consistent performance.
  • 8-Stick on Rest: Ensure precision and accuracy while elevating the arrow off of the shelf of the bow.
  • 8-Nocks Sets: The Nocks Sets included in this package show a deliberate nocking point for the archer to attach their arrow to the string.
  • 8-Strings: High-quality dacron strings for the Galaxy Bullseye Bows. 
  • 1-OAS Indoor/Outdoor Hold-Up Bow Stand: Keep your bows organized and within easy reach with the OAS Hold-Up Bow Stand, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 4-Lancaster Archery Supply Deluxe Target Stands: Sturdy and reliable, these deluxe target stands provide a secure foundation for your targets, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable shooting experience.
  • 4-American Whitetail A248 School and Camp Target: Enhance your shooting sessions with the American Whitetail A248 targets, designed specifically for schools and camps.
  • 4-Lancaster Archery Range Floor Quiver: Conveniently store and access your arrows with the Lancaster Archery Range Floor Quiver, ensuring a seamless shooting experience.
  • 1-HD High Performance 30' Backstop Netting: Prioritize safety with the HD High-Performance Backstop Netting, designed to catch arrows and prevent any stray shots.
  • 8-Easton Comfort Flex Arm Guards: Ensure comfort and protection with the Easton Comfort Flex Arm Guards, shielding the forearm from string contact during shooting.
  • 8-Zara Beginner Tab: The Zara Beginner Tab offers a comfortable and secure grip, making it an excellent choice for archers who are just starting their journey.
  • 60-Easton XX75 Genesis Arrows: Crafted by Easton, these XX75 Genesis Arrows deliver consistent performance and durability, making them perfect for both practice and training sessions. 

Gear up for a successful and enjoyable archery camp with the Lancaster Archery Recurve Camp Package. It's your all-in-one solution for a fantastic archery experience!