Lancaster Archery Supply Pro Shop Draw Board

Lancaster Archery Supply Pro Shop Draw Board

Item # 2870115 | Catalog Page # 337


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A must-have for any pro shop or home archery workshop, Lancaster Archery Supply’s Draw Board allows you to safely measure your draw length, check cam timing, cam lean, peep rotation, and more! The solid aluminum construction makes this draw board durable while remaining lightweight for easy transportation or storage. The included X-Spot digital bow scale is perfect for checking peak draw weight, draw force curves, and holding weight. The safety clicking ratchet system and included safety loops allow you to be safe even when checking high draw weight bows.

  • Machined aluminum construction
  • Winch features safety clicks and a safety loop
  • Includes X-Spot Digital Bow Scale for checking draw weight, draw force curves, etc.
  • Great for checking and adjusting timing, draw length, cam lean, peak/holding weight, drop-away rests, peep rotation
  • Made in the USA