Last Chance Limb Lock Kit


Last Chance Limb Lock Kit

Item # 1033397 | Catalog Page # 346


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The Limb Lock Kit by Last Chance Archery is a perfect addition to any LCA bow press and is designed specifically for pressing beyond parallel limb bows. The Limb Locks are foam-covered rollers that act as a safety to hold the bow from slippage when pressing beyond parallel models. These are adjustable depending on the bow model you are pressing. The Limb Lock Fingers use a rotating head design which keeps the limbs of your bow fully enclosed no matter the angle of the limbs as you press the bow. Each finger is rubber coated to protect the bow limbs from being scratched, and you can adjust all four fingers in/out and forward/back to match any limb angle or design. The limb lock kit is a must have for any pro shop or home workshop looking to work on beyond parallel limb bows.

  • Designed to press beyond parallel bow models with ease
  • Rotating head design to keep the limbs fully enclosed through the entire pressing process
  • Limb Locks, which are foam-covered rollers and fully adjustable to act as a safety when pressing
  • Standard or Ultimate mounting options to cover every LCA bow press model
  • Rubber-coated fingers to help avoid scratching

Kit Includes:
  • 4 - Limb Lock Fingers
  • 2 - Limb Locks

  • Standard version: EZ Green, EZ Press, and EZ Press Deluxe. Power Green, Power Press, and Power Press Deluxe. As well as the Pack-N-GO Standard.
  • Ultimate Version: Any LCA bow press that has “ULTIMATE” in the name