Nock On QAD Ultra Rest HDX Arrow Rest


Nock On QAD Ultra Rest HDX Arrow Rest

Item # 1031359 | Catalog Page # 216


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  • Nock On UltraRest HDX is a total containment, high-performance, cable-driven drop-away arrow rest made in the USA
  • Gold standard in reliable function, the HDX timing cord is installed into the take-up cable of your bow
  • Optimal timing will raise the dovetail fork to 90° at the very end of the cams draw cycle
  • With VDT Velocity Drop-Away Technology rest activation triggers a high-tension spring pulling the rest down at over 400 fps for zero fletch contact
  • LDT Drops the launcher and locks it down for no chance of a bounce back from the bows shelf
  • The Nock and Capture feature is what bowhunters have known to love about the HDX; using the Thumb Lever you can rotate the Launcher from 0° to 80° containing your arrow in place prior to drawing the bow
  • Slowly letting down will not activate the HDX to fire, SmartRest Technology knows only to drop-away when you shoot an arrow
  • Branded with the John Dudley Nock On Custom Archery logo, this rest is set with the QAD windage spacer installed for today's modern wide riser compound bows
  • Finite adjustments will need to be made based on your specific bow model
  • Additional heat tube shrink wrap is included to aid in noise reduction and improved life-span of silent rest felt