Ozcut 2Easy Broadhead Sharpener

Ozcut 2Easy Broadhead Sharpener

Item # 2700008 | Catalog Page # 594


WARNING: cancer and reproductive harm. Learn More


Hassle-free broadhead sharpening with:
  • 1000 grit diamond stones
  • 30-degree sharpening guide for 2-blade broadhead
  • Flat stone for 3-blade broadheads and knives
  • Primarily designed for Ozcut Broadheads but will work with many double bevel 2, 3, and 4 blade broadheads
Sharpening Instructions:
  1. Apply a light coating of oil to the diamond stones before use for more efficient sharpening.
  2. Position the broadhead flat on the jig, ensuring all of the blade surfaces are touching the diamond stone and are centered in the jig.
  3. Push forward with moderate pressure in one direction, ensuring the broadhead blade remains flat to the diamond stone.
  4. Repeat this stroke approximately twenty times, reducing the pressure with each stroke until an even edge is achieved to the end of the bevel.
  5. Rotate the broadhead and repeat with even strokes and pressure on the unsharpened side. (Note that the tanto tip is not to be sharpened.)
  6. Apply a light coating of oil to your sharpened broadhead blades for longevity in storage.
  7. Enjoy your sharpened broadheads!