Shibuya Ultima RC Pro Target Sight (320 Double Mount)


Shibuya Ultima RC Pro Target Sight (320 Double Mount)

Item # 3960110 | Catalog Page # 156


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  • Top of the line recurve bow sight, designed with every feature you have ever dreamed of
  • Radically redesigned carbon extension redefines vibration elimination
  • Polygonal Carbon Extension utilizes fishing pole taper shape
  • Through it, Ultima RC Pro is able to eliminate most of the unnecessary vibration on the shot
  • In simulations this design produces 87% less initial vibration
  • Additionally the dovetail extension is offered in two distinct spines aiding archers in finding the perfect feel for their set-up
  • Extension "A" is the stiffer spine and measures 75.4 grams (2.66 ounces) in weight
  • Extension "B" is the weaker spine and measures 63.35 grams (2.23 ounces) in weight
  • Brand new mounting mechanism to achieve a more secure lock than ever before
  • Increased surface area contact achieves rattle proof lock
  • Both sides of ULTIMA RC PRO's elevation bar feature metal sight scale plates
  • Includes a standard scale plate, as well as a blank plate for a printed tape
  • Redesigned sight pin locker with a toolless thumb screw
  • Introducing the Double Position Mounting System
  • Bow mount enables the reduction of the elevation bar's length to the absolute minimum, drastically reducing the sight's target side weight
  • This weight reduction results in the virtual elimination of vibration and shock upon the shot
  • Elevation length: 3.2"


  • Soft Case
  • 10-24 threaded mounting screws
  • Hex wrenches: 1.5 mm | 2.5 mm | 3 mm
  • Blank sight tape