SICHTKRAFT 3DFE Archery Scoreboard


SICHTKRAFT 3DFE Archery Scoreboard

Item # 6750008


• A modified version of the 3DF
• It consist of a leading orange digit for match points and 3 digits for arrow scores
• Which the first one can only display a "1". This makes the scorebaord smaller and easier to handle, but it is still possible to display scores of almost all types of matches
• The best choice for:
• Recurve Individual Final Matches, Indoor and Outdoor (Set-Play System)
• Recurve Team Final Matches, Indoor and Outdoor (Set-Play System)
• Compound Individual Final Matches, Indoor and Outdoor (Cumulative Scoring)
• Mixed Team Final Matches (Cumulative Scoring)
• Field Archery Individual and Team Final Matches

• Modular system design-Accessories such as mounts and replacement kits fit all SICHTKRAFT Scoreboards
• Weatherproof- The scoreboards can be left outside for long periods of time and they withstand rain, sun and wind
• Multiple ways of mounting, with the multimount as ground spike, as stand, on a stick or directly on the target
• Flexible and harmless to arrows when accidentally shot. The scoreboards will still work, the arrows are not damaged