T.R.U. Ball Abyss X-Tension Flex Release


T.R.U. Ball Abyss X-Tension Flex Release

Item # 4530527 | Catalog Page # 229


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  • 2022 Abyss X-Tension Jesse Broadwater Signature Series release is designed to be 2-releases in 1 
  • Shoot it as a Thumb Trigger release or quick change to a Pull-Thru Tension release, by simply adjusting a single screw 1st handheld 
  • Pull-Thru Tension release that activates the same way as a standard thumb trigger release, simply draw the bow without touching the trigger, and then depress the thumb trigger at full draw to activate the shot 
  • When shooting the release as a Thumb Trigger, simply adjust the Tension Screw all the way counterclockwise 
  • To shoot as a Pull-Thru Tension release, adjust that same screw clockwise to 4-pounds heavier than the bow let-off weight, draw the bow with a relaxed hand, when at full draw simply depress and hold the thumb trigger down while using Pull-Thru back-tension to activate the shot 
  • There is no longer a need to hold onto a lever to safely draw a bow with this Pull-Thru Tension release 
  • For safe let-downs when using the release as a Pull-Thru Tension release, simply tightly squeeze the Safe-Lever on top to safely let down the draw of the bow 
  • Features the same exact head length and finger placement positions as the Abyss Flex and Fulkrum Flex releases