Tight Spot Shift Lock Quiver


Tight Spot Shift Lock Quiver

Item # 1030762 | Catalog Page # 379


Revolutionizing adjustability, this ultra-versatile, telescoping one-piece quiver also reduces noise on the move. When space is a premium in your tree stand or ground blind, you can opt for the super-compact retracted length without sacrificing arrow security. 
  • Built-in durable, rugged hanging loop
  • Nearly 9-inches of overall length adjustment
  • Featuring the most advanced materials with fully machined aluminum and woven carbon fiber
  • Individually adjustable arrow wedges in the Bull Dog Gripper allow for virtually any arrow diameter
  • Incorporates a Quick-Draw second arrow feature for quick follow up shots
  • Engineered to accommodate today's largest fixed blade and expandable broadheads couples with an internal sound dampening lining in the oversized hood
  • Patented oversized dovetail rail mount provides better clearance for nearly any arrow rest or sight combination
  • Oversized quick detach lever provides easy access for quiver removal and locks down tight to eliminate noise
  • 22-inches fully extended
  • 13.25-inches fully retracted
  • 13.8-ounce mass weight
  • 5-arrow capacity
Note: Quiver is completely ambidextrous and may be used in both a RH or LH configuration