TruGlo Titanium X Quad Cutter Fixed Broadheads

TruGlo Titanium X Quad Cutter Fixed Broadheads

Item # 3320227
Pack 3-pack


WARNING: cancer and reproductive harm. Learn More


  • Simply put, better metal makes a better broadhead
  • Aluminum may be great for your beer can, but for the tip of your hunting arrow you need the toughest stuff you can get
  • A strong interlocking blade design ensures you won't ever lose a blade on impact
  • Blades are precision sharpened and easy to replace—allowing you to practice with real blades and then have a fresh edge for your hunt
  • Grade 5 CNC-machined titanium ferrule
  • Sharpness tested
  • Spin-tested for optimal flight performance
  • One-piece ferrule for accuracy and consistency
  • Spare set of blades included for practice or hunting
  • Tough .031 in. thick stainless steel blades
  • Cut Diameter: 1 3/16"
  • Weight: 100 grains
  • Sold in a 3 pack