UltraView The Hinge 2 Hunting Bracket (Aluminum)

UltraView The Hinge 2 Hunting Bracket (Aluminum)

Item # 1031148 | Catalog Page # 223


Specifically designed with the hunter in mind to keep your hinge attached to your hand. Also the added bonus of allowing target shooters to fine-tune the weight of their release to get that perfect feel. 
  • Knurled thumb pad - replaces a thumb peg resulting in a more compact release that will not snag on your clothing or release pouch 
  • Wrist strap attachment hole - allows you to use a wrist strap, ensuring you never drop your release Strap hold is in-line with the center of mass, ensuring it dangles in the perfect orientation for a quick grip 
  • Offered in lightweight Aluminum 
  • 2 finger, 3 finger, or 4 finger options both for Large and Medium sizes 

 Note: Hinge 2 Hunting Bracket does not fit the original Hinge release