ULTRAVIEW UV Button Release (Aluminum)


ULTRAVIEW UV Button Release (Aluminum)

Item # 1032814 | Catalog Page # 233


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The UV Button choice begins with one of two versions. This option is built with an aircraft-grade aluminum case and finished in ultra-hard Smoke Gray Cerakote. Shooters with a dynamic follow-through may enjoy this lighter variant in hand. Bowhunters will save precious weight in their pack. Utilizing identical ergonomics as ULTRAVIEW’s premier back-tension release, the Hinge 2, an archer may seamlessly switch between the two and maintain a consistent point of impact. The UV Button also features Ultraglide technology creating a quiet, reliable, ultra-smooth shooting experience. In addition, the release features micro-adjust force and travel, allowing you to custom-tune your release to your exact shooting preferences. The Springed D-Loop Retainment easily clips your UV Button to your d-loop, keeping it there, and making it ready to use. If you’re looking for an ergonomic, easy-to-tune, hunter-friendly button release, the UV Button is a great choice.

  • The aluminum option is perfect for any archer who prefers a lighter in-hand feeling release or those looking to save weight
  • An all-new design for button releases; ULTRAGLIDE™ is an advanced self-lubricating, internal bushing system that isolates all unnecessary metal-on-metal contact. Results in an incredibly low-maintenance, smooth, reliable, and quiet release.
  • UV Button & Hinge 2: Has the same profile and geometry designed to fit the human hand perfectly. Optimizing for archer comfort and consistency when switching releases. As a bonus, with proper shot execution, you may experience the same point of impact with both releases.
  • Convenient Adjustability: Micro-adjust a wide range of force and travel. The force setting can be feather-light or super-heavy without needing to swap springs.
  • Springed D-loop retainment: Allows you to keep UV Button™ on your string without falling off, ensuring you’re ready at all times a must-have for all hunters.
  • Hunting Bracket 3rd Finger: Inspired by The Hunting Bracket, the third finger has a lanyard loop for people who prefer using a wrist lanyard.
  • Rubber Bumper Silencing System: Provides an ultra-quiet release.
  • Contoured Knob: The thumb knob has an ergonomic dished contour with non-slip spiral grooves ensuring it fits your thumb perfectly.

  • Activation style: Thumb button
  • Number of fingers: 3
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Finish: Cerakote
  • Adjustable tension: yes
  • Adjustable travel: yes
  • Micro-adjustable: yes
  • Color: Smoke Gray