UltraView UV3 Hunting Cartridge (Single Pin)

UltraView UV3 Hunting Cartridge (Single Pin)

Item # 7650027 | Catalog Page # 170


  • Powerful addition to the UV3 Scope set-up, swap out target dots or fiber wraps to use a single Up Pin for the best hunting sight picture
  • Additional Lens Cartridges allow for optimal reticles and aiming solutions to be available at a moments notice
  • Optically centered aiming points mean every Cartridge will have the same center and point of impact in the target
  • Lens Cartridge accepts: 1 3/8" size lenses (sold separately)


  • Cartridge (target facing)
  • Single Up-Pin (.019" or .010")
  • Two black retaining gaskets
  • One White retaining gasket