VIP Commander Broadhead

VIP Commander Broadhead

Item # 1031894
Pack 3-pack


Similar to the new Ranger Broadhead, the Commander Broadhead’s 3 blade design allows for the maximum cutting surface possible. Using the all-new Inertia-Release Technology, there are no O-Rings or Clips to deal with. When the ranger hits an animal, the blades compress, allowing the inertia block to move forward which releases the blades and allows them to expand to an impressive 2.4” cutting diameter! With VIP Archery’s Flexcut Technology, the Commander’s blades can move around the bone and other hard obstacles allowing for greater penetration and more damage!

  • Number of Blades: 3
  • Cut Diameter (Open): 2.4”
  • Cut Diameter (Closed): 1.2”
  • Quantity Sold: 3
  • Flexcut Technology
  • Inertia-Release Technology
  • Surgical Sharp