X Sight 2RX AR 3 Shooting Glasses (5 Lens Set)

X Sight 2RX AR 3 Shooting Glasses (5 Lens Set)

Item # 1031996 | Catalog Page # 338
Pack 5-pack


As versatile as the conditions you shoot in, this set of 5 lens archery glasses is great for any archer that spends a lot of time shooting in varying light conditions. The kit includes 5 lenses: Auburn, Light Purple, Ice Blue, Vivid Green, and Amber giving you multiple options to pick the lens that’s right for you at that moment! The lenses are impact-resistant and offer 100% UV Protection, keeping you safer all around.

  • Wrap-Around Design to offer Maximum Peripheral Cover
  • Class 1 Optical Clarity Lenses
  • Frame Construction: TR90
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Impact-resistant (Complies with EN166F European standards for safety eye-wear)
  • Quick Change Magnetic Lens Swap System
  • Built-in brow bar ventilation to increase airflow & prevent lens smudging

  • 1 Zip-up Hard Case
  • 1 Pair of Arms
  • 5 Lenses
  • 5 Slimline Nose Pads
  • Drawstring Lens Bag
  • Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
  • Anti Fog Cloth
  • Stickers

Conditions: Bright Light
Medium Contrast Boost
Great for Light Optimisation

Light Purple:
Conditions: Medium Light
Low Contrast Boost
Great Background Neutraliser

Ice Blue:
Conditions: Indoors or Low Light
High Contrast Boost

Vivid Green:
Conditions: Medium to Bright Light
High Contrast Boost

Conditions: Low Light
Medium Contrast Boost
Superior Light Optimisation