Published June 15, 2016 in NewsBy P.J. Reilly

Jack Wallace II unscripted: Pro archer talks about contracts, regrets and his future

Jack Wallace II is well-known on the 3-D circuit. He's been a tough competitor at ASA and IBO shoots for over 20 years.This season, Wallace finds himself shooting without a bow contract - a unique, albeit unsettling, position for an archer who pays the bills with a stick and string. The longtime Mathews archer jumped to Hoyt in 2013, before moving to Elite last year. But when competition began for 2016, Wallace was shooting for himself.Wallace sat down with LAS at the ASA tournament in Appling, Ga., and the OPA shoot in Uniontown, Pa., to talk about how he ended up in his current situation and about some past regrets.High on that list of regrets, Wallace said, is a now-infamous video posted in 2013, following his jump to Hoyt, in which Wallace made comments about Mathews that many have construed as derogatory.