Published June 17, 2016 in NewsBy P.J. Reilly

What's the difference between Olympic recurve and recreational recurve?

Summer is beginning, and archers are heading to their backyards to sling arrows. For many recreational archers, the bow of choice is the recurve. It’s fun and simple to shoot.The recurve also is the bow archers will be using in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this summer. But the recreational recurve and an Olympic recurve are worlds apart.In this video, Lancaster Archery Supply TechXpert Dan Schuller, who competed for a spot on four U.S. Olympic teams, describes the differences between a recreational recurve setup and an Olympic recurve setup.Since the gear used by Olympic recurve archers is more extensive, the bulk of Schuller’s time is spent going over all the different equipment used in Olympic archery.You’ll hear him explain the purpose of the stabilizers, how Olympic arrows differ from backyard arrows, what a clicker is used for and other details unique to both types of recurve setups.