Published October 09, 2017 in PodcastsBy P.J. Reilly

PODCAST: Brady Ellison, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist

PODCAST: Brady Ellison, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist
When it comes to Olympic recurve archery in the United States, Brady Ellison is the man everyone else has been chasing for the past decade.Across the globe, he's been one of the most consistent archers over that same period, competing in the last three Olympics and winning an unprecedented four World Cup Final titles.What makes Ellison unique among the world's best recurve archers is that he excels at all the disciplines - indoors, outdoors, field archery. And if he sticks to his current plans, you can count on adding 3-D archery with a compound bow to that list in a year or two, as well.We sat down with Ellison at the U.S. Target Nationals tournament to talk about his impressive career, his new wife, his new clothing brand and the future of Olympic archery in the U.S., among other subjects.In this podcast, you will learn:
  • How winning an individual Olympic medal differs from winning a team medal.
  • What cool things he's gotten to do since winning the bronze in Rio.
  • Why the U.S. will have a hard time competing with the rest of the world if Olympic archers here don't start earning decent money.
  • How he and his wife, Toja Ellison, push each other as professional archers.
  • What it was like spending a few days with the guys from Mythbusters building an "arrow machine gun."
  • How 3-D archery might become part of his competition schedule in the future.
“Olympic archery in the U.S., I think we're in trouble, to be honest," Ellison said. "Until we can get target archery paid like 3Ds, I think we're going to continue to lose shooters."