Published September 22, 2017 in PodcastsBy P.J. Reilly

PODCAST: Erin McGladdery, 2017 IBO National Triple Crown Champion

PODCAST: Erin McGladdery, 2017 IBO National Triple Crown Champion
Erin McGladdery.Remember that name. You'll probably be hearing it quite a bit in the world of professional 3-D archery going forward.erin mcgladdery1As a rookie pro in 2017, McGladdery, who hails from rural Saskatchewan, Canada, shot on the ASA and IBO circuits, and managed to take the coveted IBO National Triple Crown Championship title. She also finished third at the IBO World Championships and at the lucrative Organization for Professional Archery (OPA) tournament.That's a great year for any pro archer, let alone a rookie.It's not a surprising accomplishment, however, when you hear how McGladdery got to this point in her brief archery career. She's got one of those great back stories that illustrate how sports can bring out the best in those willing to sacrifice to achieve.In this podcast, you will learn:
  • What McGladdery does for full-time work. (We're pretty sure no other pro archer has this job.)
  • The career and business McGladdery gave up before taking up competitive archery.
  • How she ended up shooting for Bowtech.
  • What McGladdery thinks about known distance versus unknown in 3-D archery.
  • How she dealt with nerves in pressure-packed tournaments this season.
  • What she's weighing as she contemplates her future as a professional archer.
“At the end of the day, I just want to get better at shooting."Erin McGladdery on social media:FacebookInstagram